Sean Plunket labels caller who admitted to driving stoned an 'idiot' during fiery clash

Magic Talk host Sean Plunket slammed a driver who admitted to driving stoned.
Magic Talk host Sean Plunket slammed a driver who admitted to driving stoned. Photo credit: Newshub / Getty Images

Magic Talk host Sean Plunket had an on-air clash with a listener who claimed he was going to drive while high.

Jason rang Magic Talk after Plunket asked his listeners to call in if they were stoned or had consumed some alcohol to see if they could have a rational conversation.

But Jason was admonished by Plunket after he said cannabis should be legalised and he would drive while under the influence of weed. 

"I'm not one of those dull-faced stoners who sits around and doesn't really say much. I can speak and talk. I don't drink alcohol, and I guess this is the same," Jason said.

The father-of-two said he "picked up a tinny" for $20, parked up his car and started listening to Plunket's show before he called in.

"You're in a vehicle Jason and you're smoking marijuana. And you're going to drive stoned?" Plunket asked, to which Jason admitted he would smoke for a while before driving home.

"Can I just say, Jason, please don't, because you're going to put other people at risk. We had a guy called Matt who rang in on Friday who got his car banged in by a guy who he thought was definitely on meth. You cannot go out onto a public highway when you've been smoking cannabis [and be] in charge of a vehicle, Jason. What planet are you on mate?"

Plunket suggested Jason instead orders an Uber to go home, and he then asked if he was happy putting other people at risk with his drug-driving.

"No, I don't want to put anyone at risk."

Jason then asks Plunket whether he's ever had a drink at the pub and then driven home.

"I have been convicted for drunk driving about seven or eight years ago. It was terrible, and society passed judgement on me and I lost my licence for six months and I paid an $800 fine and it was all published and it was all out there," Plunket said.

Jason responded by saying that one or two drinks doesn't make you lose your licence, but several drinks does. He tries to liken this to "one or two bong rips", but admits he doesn't drink alcohol so can't directly compare it.

But Plunket got angry at Jason and called him a "criminal and an idiot" after he admitted he'd get stoned and then drive with his young children in the car.

"Jason you're a ticking time bomb. You're a tragic headline waiting to happen. I don't mind you going home and sitting down and having a bong, but I'm asking how many things could you be doing that are positive in your life or for your bloody kids, than sitting there getting high.

"You are a risk to everyone around you right now. You get in that car, you turn the key, you go on a public highway, you are an accident waiting to happen."

At the end of their conversation, Jason said he would no longer drive while stoned.

"Right now, my car is turned off, my keys are in it, I'm going to put my windows up, and I'm going to go up the beach, I'm going to sit down and I'm not going to smoke any more weed. I'm going to have a couple of cigarettes - probably about three - I'm not going to drink any alcohol.

"I'm having a conversation with you right now, I'm logical, I'm not slurring my words, I'm not bumping into anyone, I'm not drunk and walking around like that. I've made that promise, I won't drive."

Plunket appeared to sound relieved, and said: "That makes me feel a whole lot more comfortable."