Tourists flock to Tekapo after first snowstorm of winter

Tekapo Village is soaking up winter's first big snow dump. While there was not enough snow to close the roads, it was enough to slow some cars down.

One campervan even got stopped in its tracks trying to get up a steep incline.

At Porters Pass the snow fell rapidly leaving drivers to negotiate the freezing conditions.

It has come as a welcome surprise for international visitors staying behind after the lockdown.

One woman overseas visitor appreciated the show, something she doesn't see often. 

"I live in Malaysia so seeing snow in Tekapo is really good."

And another visitor said it was the first time he'd seen snow. 

But New Zealand's borders being closed to internationals has been a drawcard for domestic travellers.

One man travelled down from Christchurch because he knew it wouldn't be too crowded. 

"That's one of the reasons why I came down here cause I have the week off work and [there are] not too many people about. I got more than I bargained for." 

The snow has also proved to be a boost for local businesses. 

Tekapo Holiday Park Maintenance Manager, Dwayne Bell said it has all been positive. 

"We're getting a lot of people from the North island coming down to the South island and vice versa."

A Tekapo Hot Springs employee said people flock to the town whenever it snows. 

"When the snow comes you definitely get a lot more attraction." 

Tekapo has once again provided a polar playground for people both in and out of their togs this winter.