Thousands sign petition against second KFC opening in south Auckland suburb

Otara residents are taking a stand against yet another fast food outlet opening in their town. 

KFC plans to open a brand new store but locals are pleading for healthy options not more fried chicken. 

It might be finger licking good but Otara residents looking to improve their health don't want yet another fast food joint in their town.

More than 2000 people have signed a petition to stop a second KFC being built in their suburb.

One in three adult New Zealander's is considered obese and in lower socioeconomic economic areas like South Auckland the rate's even higher. 

Obesity researcher Boyd Swinburn says not enough is being done to reverse this trend. 

"I can tell you what's being done at the moment - nothing," Swinburn says. 

Councillor Efeso Collins is also concerned about a new fast food joint. 

"We've got Middlemore just down the road from where this KFC is going," Collins told Newshub.

"It is probably the busiest hospital in the southern hemisphere with issues of gout, cardiovascular disease and diabetes."

The petitioners will call on the mayor and local MP to stop construction but in law there's little anyone can do.