Weather: Central Otago wakes to hoar frost

Parts of central Otago were treated to a hoar frost on Tuesday morning.

The icicles only form a handful of times a year, from a combination of negative temperatures, persistent fog and the low angle of the sun.

Jenny Mckenzie says it is relentlessly cold.

"It's freezing fog down in the valley, day after day, just no sun it just won't pierce through that heavy layer."

In Omakau on Tuesday morning it was -4C at 9am.

Mark Williamson says it is bearable if you have the right clothing.

"It's fine if you've got some gloves on and you're used to it and good clothing."

Williamson says the snow which fell and melted last week is freezing back up.

"We haven't had this much snow for a few years that's hung around, usually it melts straight away."

In Alexandra it has been foggy for days, leaving residents struggling to remember the last time they saw the sun.

"I can't remember what day it was but it was very pleasurable."

Another person shared the sentiment saying, "we might have seen the sun in the weekend but I can't remember".

On Tuesday morning in Alexandra it was -2.9C at 9am and climbed to just 0C by lunchtime, but some people believe the cold is what is attractive about the town.

"It's Alexandra and that's what you expect in the winter and we all live with it and love it."