Police speaking to two 'people of interest' after west Auckland shooting

Police are speaking to two people of interest after an officer was killed in a shooting in west Auckland on Friday morning.

In a press conference, Police Commissioner Andrew Coster said police have found a firearm and are speaking to two 'people of interest'. 

Footage captured by Newshub earlier shows the AOS surrounding a house on Rena Pl in West Harbour, a suburb adjacent to Massey.

A Newshub camera crew captured video footage of several AOS officers with weapons drawn and bulletproof vests on in the driveway of the property.

One officer can be seen with a police dog on a leash, while another shelters behind a riot shield.

The footage also shows one person being handcuffed near the property - however, moments later, police let him go.

Police are carrying out a manhunt to find the offender, who also hit a member of the public with his car as he fled the scene.

Speaking at a press conference from Wellington on Friday morning, Coster said the officer's death was "absolutely the worst thing for us to deal with", and passed on his condolences to the officer's family and friends.

Witnesses told Newshub they heard several gunshots at about 10:45am on Friday. The Armed Offenders Squad (AOS), an Eagle helicopter and a Westpac helicopter were all called in.