Auckland car crash victim searches for 'absolute legends' who stopped to help

The car in a tow yard after the crash.
The car in a tow yard after the crash. Photo credit: Supplied

A man who was seriously injured in a car crash on Auckland's southern motorway is searching for two strangers who pulled over to help him.

Matthew Jarrett was driving to Papakura around 9pm on July 5 when his Honda Civic was hit by another car.

"I was travelling around 80km/h in the slow lane near Sylvia Park/ Mt Wellington area. As far as I know, I got rear-ended by a man in a jeep and it completely totalled my car," he told Newshub.

Jarrett was knocked unconscious by the crash but when he came to, he found two strangers had pulled over and were looking after him.

The car in a tow yard after the incident.
The car in a tow yard after the incident. Photo credit: Supplied

"I remember waking up in the back of the car with these two guys making sure I'm okay. One of them gave me his hoodie to tie around my head to keep the blood flow from a wound on the back of my head at bay." 

"They apparently helped me out of the wreckage of my car and walked me to their car to keep me dry and warm as it was absolutely pouring down when this happened."

He said the kind strangers gave him a phone to call his girlfriend and parents and helped him into the ambulance when it arrived. 

Jarrett was taken to Auckland City Hospital by St John which said he was in a "serious condition".

Jarrett said he suffered a contusion to his knee, a concussion and has had residual rib pain since.

Now he's trying to find the "absolute legends" that helped him after the crash.

His head injury means he can't remember what they look like, but he believes they were driving some kind of Subaru.

"If anyone knows who these two guys are or knows anyone who might, please get in contact with me," he said.

"Honestly I just want to tell them thank you, and tell them how much they helped me...

"They were such nice guys. I want to find them so I can return one of the guy's hoodies and say thank you in person to them."