Auckland police scramble to safety as tree felled right next to them

Two police officers have had a lucky escape after being forced to scramble to safety from a falling tree. 

The officers were attending a protest on Canal Road in Avondale, Auckland where people were trying to stop the felling of native trees on a private property.

Video posted on social media shows the terrifying close call as police rush to remove a protester from one of the trees.

Before they can reach him, another tree comes crashing down towards them forcing the pair to sprint away. As they stumble the tree is caught in the branches of the one still standing - giving the officers and the protester in the tree a lucky escape. 

A police spokesperson told Newshub no one was injured in the hair-raising incident - but police are sticking around on the site to ensure everyone's safety.

Police confirmed five people have been arrested for trespassing during the protest. 

Protesters want the 46 native trees to remain on the site - but a modification of the Resource Management Act in 2012 means that trees on private land can be legally removed regardless of age or species. 

The five protesters arrested are scheduled to appear in the Auckland District Court at a later date.