Botswana rhino named after Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield

"This lil rhino has brought a little joy to 2020."
"This lil rhino has brought a little joy to 2020." Photo credit: Part Time Rangers.

A rhino in Africa has been named after New Zealand's Director-General of Health.

Earlier this month, Kiwi alcohol company Part Time Rangers announced it had donated $38,900 to Rhinos Without Borders to help support a newborn rhino in the African nation of Botswana. The money will support the animal during its first three years of life in the wild.

The donation allowed the company to choose the young animal's name, and on Friday, after a straw poll of name options, the company revealed the rhino would be called Ashley Bloomfield after the Director-General of Health. 

"After hundreds of suggestions and thousands of votes, we are proud to introduce you - not to New Zealand’s Director-General of Health - but our baby rhino in Botswana, little Ashley Bloomfield," the company said.

"Much like our Director-General, this lil rhino has brought a little joy to 2020. Cheers to Ashley, and cheers to all her brothers and sisters across NZ!"

Part Time Rangers says that for every one of its cans sold, it donates 10 percent of profits towards animal conservation initiatives.

"Our mission is to support organisations that we think are making a real difference. With a passion for sustainability, we are determined to create a community of Part Time Rangers, who act as a force for change, while living their everyday lives."

Dr Bloomfield has garnered himself a large fan base after becoming a key face in New Zealand's fight against COVID-19. There have been calls for him to be named New Zealander of the Year, he's had his face put on T-shirts and towels and on Saturday was a star player in the rugby team opposing the Parliamentary XV