Coronavirus: Two new cases of COVID-19 found at the border

The Ministry of Health says there are two new cases of COVID-19 in New Zealand, both detected at the border.

They bring the total number of active cases to 18, all in managed isolation or quarantine facilities. Four people have recovered since Wednesday's update.

There is still no evidence of transmission of the virus in the community. 

The first new case is a man in his 30s who arrived on June 27 from California. 

"The man had been staying at the Crowne Plaza Hotel and was transferred to Jet Park on 30 June after developing symptoms and tested positive," the ministry said in a statement.

The second is a woman in her 30s, the wife of a previously reported case. She arrived on June 21 from Kenya, travelling through Doha and Brisbane. She developed symptoms 10 days into her stay at Novetel Ellerslie, and was transferred to quarantine at Jet Park.

One person remains in hospital in a stable condition. 

The total number of confirmed cases is now 1180, and including probably, 1530. The death toll in New Zealand remains 22. 

There are still 294 people who left isolation facilities earlier this month without being tested first whom the Ministry of Health has not been able to reach. Another 513 have since been tested, all negative, and 393 "spoken with and referred for testing".

Ninety-seven have refused to be tested, but all have now been out of isolation for two weeks and are considered a "low risk".

Globally, there have now been 10.8 million confirmed infections and 518,000 deaths.