Daredevils pictured hanging from scaffolding atop Auckland's under-construction Pacifica building

Two Auckland daredevils have filmed themselves hanging from scaffolding atop the city's under-construction Pacifica building.

But there's a warning from the police that anyone partaking in such activity is putting their own lives at risk.

Video posted to Instagram shows two men walking to the edge of the scaffolding, before climbing over the edge and hanging from it.

The daredevil who posted it told social media users to not watch the video "if you have anxiety".

"I wish I could describe the complexity & process of becoming fearless," he wrote on Instagram.

"Danger might be real but fear is a choice, all of the fears we don't face quickly become our limits."

The man who posted the video has been contacted for comment.

A police spokesman said while no reports about the stunt had been received, partaking in such activities came with a warning.

"Anyone carrying out this activity is not only putting their own lives and others at risk but also risk getting arrested."

Instagram users, meanwhile, reacted with both shock and amazement at the stunt.

"Wow. Just wow," one said.

"Nope nope nope," another wrote.