Dr Ashley Bloomfield turned into 3D caricature for art project

The artwork of Dr Ashley Bloomfield.
The artwork of Dr Ashley Bloomfield. Photo credit: Abby Koolaard / Supplied

Dr Ashley Bloomfield has been the face of New Zealand's coronavirus response - and now his face has been turned into art.

After watching the Director-General of Health front up at the Government's daily COVID-19 updates, UCOL creative media student Abby Koolaard was inspired to make him the 'face' of her class project.

"I was watching all of the live COVID-19 updates and thought Ashley Bloomfield would make a really interesting caricature," Koolaard says.

"I thought it would be a cool opportunity to show some appreciation for Ashley and all of the work he has been doing."

Koolaard designed the digital model of Dr Bloomfield using digital sculpting software ZBrush and 3D graphics application Maya. She says it was a challenging project, as she had to use images of Dr Bloomfield she found online to design the 3D model.

"I had to experiment a lot with sketching at first, to figure out how it would look in 3D. I learnt a lot about using the software and different techniques. It was really fun."

It's not the first time Dr Bloomfield has been immortalised in art - he's also been commemorated with memes, questionable art, T-shirts, hand towels and jewellery.