Duncan Garner: Heading out, spending money at Kiwi businesses so important these school holidays

OPINION: School is out from later on Friday for two weeks and the kids are coming home.

But don't despair. Get out. You have a job to do for your country.

Try it now, do it more, things you've never done before. 

Now is the time to spend for your country, spend in your local community, and if you're en-route elsewhere, stop and smell the roses in the Hamilton Gardens and buy the candy floss.

In short spend NZ dollars with NZ businesses. Many of these small businesses are just that - small. But now, they're also struggling or recovering. 

Spend local because by doing so you increase the chances of that small business surviving.

Many of them are right now hanging by a thread. 

They will welcome your presence and welcome your dollars. 

Consider the economy is just one giant money go round.

You give $100 to the motel owner, who then gives $40 to his cleaner, who buys takeaways on the way home from work ahead of the weekend. 

Money circulates and money circulating is great for any economy. 

Money sitting still helps very few. 

If you're in Auckland, Rotorua is crying out for you - and tourist operators are desperate to get the town moving. 

I love the luge, it's great fun. The Zorb too.

In Taupo, try the Formula 3 racing car. It's like the real thing, just slower. Walk a track, discover an old gold mine. Go to the Wairarapa, Castlepoint, Flat Point, any point, but here's my point.

It would be very easy to curl the toes up and worry about your job and I get that - but you gotta live.

If you are not living, you're dying or killing business.

So, now is your chance. Throw the kids in the car and hit the road.

Although, I have no idea whether they actually have candy floss at Hamilton Gardens. I doubt it.

Duncan Garner is the host of The AM Show.