Internal Affairs amends TV ad after viewer spots 'white supremacy hand symbol'

A television advert urging parents to keep an eye on their kids' internet use had to be amended after it was discovered it contained a possible white supremacist symbol.

In the advert, a young boy carries a laptop with a sticker on it showing "a white supremacy hand symbol", according to a complaint laid with the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). 

The symbol resembles the 'OK' hand gesture.

"It is very concerning that this made it through the approval process as the hand symbol has been well documented as being co-opted by white supremacist groups as a way of communicating their views - including when the ChCh mosque shooter appeared in court," the complaint read.

The ad was produced for the Department of Internal Affairs' Keep It Real Online campaign.

"We understand that the meaning attributed to this hand gesture started as a hoax," Internal Affairs told the ASA.

It removed the symbol from the TV advert on June 15, and its YouTube version on June 26. 

The ASA chair ruled the complaint settled, happy with the department's actions.

The symbol can still be seen on other versions of the advert uploaded to YouTube by others.

"We are unable to update the video on social media platforms not controlled by the Department of Internal Affairs," the advertiser said.