Mark Richardson's controversial opinion on Wellington's iconic cat Mittens

Mark Richardson is no stranger to controversial comments but this time he may have brought the wrath of a whole city down on his shoulders by insulting its beloved feline icon. 

Mittens the Turkish angora cat has long been a symbol of Wellington city - he's been given the keys to the city, and now he even has his own art exhibition documenting his various exploits.

But being an icon isn't enough for Richardson's taste clearly. After seeing the exhibition, he had a controversial opinion. 

"I don't know how to say this but Mittens is a particularly ugly cat," he said to the dismay of his co-hosts.

But The AM Show reporter Ashleigh McCaull was quick to rebut the claim, saying it was time the show did a poll for people to vote on who was cuter - Mittens or Mark Richardson. 

Richardson did not take up the offer for a new poll, but joined in his co-hosts' laughter at the quip.

Comments on Mitten's almost 50,000-member strong Facebook page were furious at Richardson's opinion, calling for a public apology.

Mittens receiving his keys to the city.
Mittens receiving his keys to the city. Photo credit: Supplied

"Surely this requires heads to roll!" wrote one person while another defended Mitten's, saying he was "fierce and regal".

"Where is Mark Richardson's art exhibit? Does he have a fandom Facebook page? Seriously, the cheek of him!" wrote another commenter. 


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