Police investigation launched after possible hacking, data breach at Kiwi company

Police investigation launched after possible hacking, data breach at Kiwi company
Photo credit: Getty Images

Police are investigating the possible hack of a New Zealand research company which could put the details of people who have been in contact with police at risk.

The contact details of some people who'd been in touch with police were given to the company, and the information was intended to be used for service quality research.

However on Wednesday, police announced the company concerned had alerted it to a data breach.

"The company has also reported the breach to police as a crime and our high tech cyber crime team is now investigating," Assistant Commissioner Jevon McSkimming says.

"We are working to understand the scope of the hack and the potential impact of any security breaches of information provided by police.

"Once we have a better understanding of the real risk to people, and the potential impact, we will look to inform those who may have been affected."

Police have stopped surveying and sending information to the company until the investigation is complete.

McSkimming says police would urge the public to stay vigilant online. These tips include:

  • being cautious about emails and phone calls asking you to update or verify details online
  • being cautious of emails saying you've won prizes from competitions you don't remember entering
  • being cautious of emails that try to get you to act quickly by threatening you with legal action or loss of an account
  • ignoring emails asking for personal information, such as passwords or bank details
  • contacting an organisation if you're unsure an email claiming to be from them is legitimate.