Sub-tropical winds bring warmer than usual conditions across New Zealand

The high pressure will move in on Thursday.
The high pressure will move in on Thursday. Photo credit:

It's supposed to be the coldest stretch of the year but thanks to sub-tropical winds, temperatures across the country will rise throughout the week.

A large high-pressure system east of New Zealand is encouraging a sub-tropical flow across the country which will cause temperatures to climb, Weather Watch reports. 

The North Island will have wintery weather on Wednesday however with rain hitting the West Coast south of Greymouth and drizzle expected further north. There's a below-average temperature forecast overnight before the benefits of the high pressure will be felt.

Across Thursday temperatures will begin to rise as a milder northern airflow sweeps over the country. 

The South Island will warm up too with both day and night temperatures expected to be warmer than average for this time of year.

It's expected conditions will remain mild all the way through the weekend.