Auckland's first weekend of lockdown sunny

Cloud clears over the country for a fine day in most places.
Cloud clears over the country for a fine day in most places. Photo credit: File Image

Aucklanders can take comfort as they spend their first weekend in lockdown that at least the sun will be shining. 

Most of the country will enjoy clear, sunny skies this weekend after a frosty start for the alert level 2 and 3 extension. 

Residents in Wellington, Taupo and Palmerston North woke up to their coldest morning of the year on Saturday with Wellington hitting a crisp 1.9C at 7am. 

"Luckily things will warm up today, but expect another cold one tonight," Metservice tweeted.

Sunshine and clear skies are the main theme for the rest of Saturday, Metservice tweeting a spectacular image of cloud clearing over the country; "A lot of clear sky out there today, as seen from space." 

Regions missing out on the clear skies are Greymouth and Northland which may experience some light showers but these will clear up by the evening.

Auckland also experienced a frosty start to the weekend, only climbing to 6C at 7am on Saturday but is expected to reach the mid-teens along with Northland, becoming the two warmest regions. 

With lots of sunshine expected, Aucklanders will get plenty of chances to enjoy a walk, swim, or fish, which are all allowed under level 3 restrictions. 

The rest of the country in alert level 2 will also enjoy clear skies but cooler temperatures to be expected with Alexandra only reaching 1.7C by 11am on Saturday. 

The weather for the rest of the weekend will be much the same with Metservice forecasting a frosty morning but fine day for most places on Sunday with Auckland reaching a high of 14C, Christchurch a high of 12C and Invercargill a high of 11C.

Hawkes Bay, Wairarapa and Southland will experience some cloudy periods with a chance of a shower on Sunday.

NIWA says cold temperatures throughout the weekend: "arent going to warm up much as we head towards midday and into the afternoon."

Temperatures get cooler as you head down the country, Hamilton reaching a high of 14C, Tauranga with 13C and Wellington and Dunedin with a high of 10C on Sunday.