Christchurch fertility clinic to close after DHBs allocate funding elsewhere

The Genea Oxford Fertility is one of only two fertility clinics in the South Island - but now, after missing out on Government funding, it is set to close.

The Christchurch clinic is blaming a lack of support from DHBs for allocating all the funding to another clinic, which already has a long waiting list.

Some mothers like Danielle Warwick would not have been able to have a baby without the help of a fertility clinic.

Warwick spent seven years trying for a baby and went through five rounds of IVF until her baby Harley arrived earlier this year. She had a successful pregnancy with the help of the Genea Oxford Fertility in Christchurch.

In a letter, Genea's management informed patients of the lack of funding.

"We have known for some years that obtaining a share of the public contract for fertility services was essential to the survival of the business," it read.

"Unfortunately the South Island Alliance of District Health Boards decided not to offer Genea Oxford Fertility any share of it."

Canterbury DHB awarded the contract to Fertility Associates, which has provided services across the South Island for the last five years. The DHB was prepared to consider a joint venture or a shared arrangement, but the two organisations could not reach an agreement.

Fertility New Zealand is disappointed with the outcome.

"For consumers it means they have no choice for where they can go for their treatment," President Juanita Copeland said. 

"There's only one clinic in town now, and to take out that option of a second opinion or have investigations done at a secondary clinic is not great for consumers."