Christchurch mosque attack: Terrorist leaves victims without apology or answers

Warning: This article discusses the Christchurch mosque attack.

The Christchurch mosque terrorist gave no apology, no remorse and no answers for his victims while in Christchurch High Court on Thursday.

Brenton Harrison Tarrant was sentenced for the murder of 51 people, the attempt to murder 40 other individuals, and for engaging in a terrorist act on March 15, 2019.

In court on Thursday, Justice Cameron Mander sentenced Brenton Tarrant, New Zealand's worst mass murderer and first convicted terrorist, to the country's longest-ever prison sentence of life in prison without parole.

During his sentencing, the Crown described Tarrant's offending as motivated by an entrenched racist and xenophobic ideology and a desire to create terror within the Muslim community.

Crown Prosecutor Mark Zarifeh said the enormity of it is "without comparison in New Zealand's criminal history".

Zarifeh urged the court to hand down the toughest custodial sentence in history.

"I submit that this must be one of the clearest cases New Zealand has had or hopefully ever will have where a sentence without life parole must be handed down."

Tarrant sat cross-legged, watching and listening, unmoved by proceedings.

When asked by Justice Cameron Mander if he wished to make a submission, he denied.

Instead, one was made on his behalf by stand by counsel Pip Hall.

"Mr Tarrant does not oppose the condition that he is sentenced to life without parole," she said. 

He gave no apology or answers to the victims and families of the terrorist attack.

Justice Mander began his sentence by sharing special sentiments about each of the victims drawn from the 220 victim impact statements - moving many in the courtroom to tears.

"The loss is intolerable. I cannot do justice to their words," Justice Mander said.

He noted Tarrant only had one intention when he moved to New Zealand from Australia - a terrorist attack.

"Your sole objective was the long conceived plan to attack the Muslim community."

Justice Mander said throughout the proceedings the mass murderer had shown no empathy for the pitiless cruelty he inflicted upon his victims.

"Stripped of your warped ideological and political trappings you present as a deeply impaired person motivated by a base hatred of people you perceive to be different from yourself."

On Thursday afternoon, he ensured Tarrant would never walk free again.