Coronavirus: Kiwis react with anger at revelations of lack of testing at border

While Saturday saw seven COVID-19 cases - down on Friday - there's anger among Kiwis at a lack of testing at the border.

Six of the new cases are linked back to the Auckland cluster, but one remains under investigation. The source of the outbreak remains unknown.

But the extent of the failure at our border - specifically around testing - is growing clearer each day.

"It has not been happening at the rates that, A, we have asked for, and B, we were told was happening," Health Minister Chris Hipkins said on Newshub Nation.

As recent as a month ago, New Zealanders were assured.

"We have already ensured our frontline workers at the border are safe by wearing appropriate PPE, getting regularly tested," Jacinda Ardern said.

But, that wasn't the case. 

The Health Minister admitted on Newshub Nation on Saturday morning that some haven't been tested at all, including those working at our most high-risk facility, where positive cases are quarantined.

"We were told several weeks ago that testing at the Jet Park, all staff at the Jet Park were being tested every week. The data that I have received as of yesterday suggests that actually it was only about 60 percent, so obviously I'm very disappointed by that," he said.

He's not the only one. 

"I think more disappointed are the 5 million New Zealanders who have all been doing our party, playing our part and suddenly finding that we've been let down in this way," leader of the Opposition Judith Collins said.

And that is putting it lightly. 

"We've been misled the whole way through," said one Kiwi.

"I feel they should be paying a lot more attention to that really risky area," said another.

"Really pissed off about it," added a third.

"I think it's not good enough."

"Just the facts would be good, wouldn't it."

"I thought that's the first people who you test isn't it, the people on the border who are protecting it. If they're not being tested you might as well not have a border." 

Hipkins stopped short of apologising to the public on Saturday afternoon, but says it's now mandatory for border staff to be tested, including those at the Ports of Tauranga and Auckland. 

"Ultimately, I will fully accept responsibility for my part in this equation."

But it's small comfort for a North Island already living on the edge. 

Rotorua is the latest to have a scare after a recent visitor tested positive upon arrival in Japan. Authorities advised anyone who visited the Wairakei Terraces on August 6 or Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland the next day to look out for symptoms.

"Don't like it at all," said one person in Rotorua.

"There are precautions have been put in place, so we'll just follow those and see how we go," said another.