Coronavirus: New Zealander reveals his experience in managed isolation facility

A Kiwi who has recently returned from overseas has revealed his experiences at one of the country's managed isolation and quarantine facilities.

New Zealand's facilities, which are used to house new arrivals for their 14 days of mandatory managed isolation, have come under scrutiny in recent days after Newshub revealed that in the week before the current community outbreak, 63.5 percent of Auckland's hotel workers and border staff had never been tested for COVID-19.

Speaking to The AM Show on Tuesday, recently-returned New Zealander Michael Lunjevich said he had written to the likes of the Prime Minister and Opposition leader Judith Collins to outline his complaints, which included the lack of testing and an alleged mixing of groups. The bus driver transporting the group to the hotel revealed he had never been offered a test, Lunjevich claimed.

"I'm proud of the staff here... I felt it wasn't really their problem to deal with, so I wrote to the higher-ups. Only Judith Collins responded. No one else," he said.

He also called the lack of testing of quarantine workers "a stuff-up".

"They call it a 'dissonance'... It's just an old-fashioned stuff up. How can that be?" he said.

Watch the video above.