Coronavirus: People wearing face masks say they're getting 'funny looks' despite Government's encouragement

Despite the Government encouraging Aucklanders to wear masks in public, many people are complaining they are getting "funny looks" for following the advice.

It comes after Auckland returned to alert level 3 and the rest of the country moved to level 2 on Wednesday, following the confirmation of renewed community transmission of COVID-19.

There was much debate over whether masks should be worn during the first lockdown, with some experts saying if they're used incorrectly they can do more harm than good.

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention initially advised Americans not to use a mask, before changing its tune and urging people to use one whenever they leave their homes.

The Ministry of Health in New Zealand has also emphasised the importance of masks in recent weeks, encouraging Kiwis to stock up.

It has also signalled it is investigating its legal options to make their use mandatory.

But although the practice of wearing masks is common in some parts of the world, particularly in many Asian countries, it seems Kiwis are not yet used to the idea, with many people online reporting getting "funny looks" when they use a mask.

"I'm heading to uni wearing mine and haven’t seen a single other person wearing one. It is causing me SO much anxiety," one person wrote on Reddit in a thread discussing the issue.

"I'm the same, battled through and wore mine even when people stared at me like I had three heads! Excuse me for keeping everyone else safe," wrote another person.

Others said even though "it's weird getting funny looks from the 90 percent not wearing masks" it was something New Zealand would have to get used to quickly following the latest outbreak.

If sales are anything to go by though, the uptake is quickly gaining momentum.

Mask makers have been "absolutely flat out" trying to keep up with demand, with one business in Petone working overtime to pump out 6000 a day.

On Wednesday Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern reassured people there were enough masks out there saying the Government would be releasing five million from its central supply to support distribution into areas where they are needed the most.

She also reminded people it was possible to make your own if you were unable to buy one.

According to many comments online, however, the lack of mask use isn't down to people not having masks but because they are embarrassed or ashamed to use them.

"They need to get an ad campaign going, chuck an All Black in it or something," one person wrote.

'Anything to get our stubborn, insecure asses wearing them."

Another commenter suggested the quickest way to normalise the use of masks was for the Government to mandate it, like in Melbourne.

"It went from weird to normal in about one week when they made it mandatory. Now it’s the folks not wearing masks when eating outdoors or smoking, that get the uncomfortable stares."

Despite all the discussion, however, some were still not convinced it was an issue at all.

"As if 90 percent of people notice you in the first place. Honestly I'm convinced the whole 'people look at you funny' is just in people's heads."