Coronavirus: Woman caught sneaking into COVID-19 managed isolation facility in Rotorua

Coronavirus: Woman caught sneaking into COVID-19 managed isolation facility in Rotorua
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A woman has been caught sneaking into a managed isolation facility in Rotorua overnight.

A police spokesperson confirmed to Newshub that the 45-year-old woman was trespassed from the unnamed facility on Wednesday night. 

The woman had entered the property "for a very brief period" before she was spotted by an officer stationed at the facility, the spokesperson said.

The woman had no contact with any staff or new arrivals completing their mandatory isolation period at the facility.

She has been charged with unlawfully being on the property.

It's the latest in a string of breaches across New Zealand's managed isolation and quarantine facilities.

On Tuesday, a woman who absconded from Auckland's Pullman Hotel facility for two hours on July 4 was handed a six-month suspended sentence. She pleaded guilty in Dunedin last week.

Suzanne Derrett, 43, had tested negative for COVID-19 prior to her escape, but wasn't due to leave managed isolation until July 11. 

Last week, a 32-year-old man who had arrived in New Zealand from Australia escaped through cordons at Auckland's Crowne Plaza. He managed to get 100m away from the facility before he was arrested.

A woman and her four children absconded from Hamilton's Distinction Hotel on July 24. Four family members were located soon after, but one teenager managed to reach Auckland before being found by police.

Four are due to be sentenced in August after they were charged under the COVID-19 Public Health Response Act 2020 and pleaded guilty.

On July 9, Queenstown resident Martin James McVicar, 52, also escaped from the same Hamilton hotel. He was charged with intentionally failing to comply with an order under the COVID-19 Public Health Response Act 2020 by leaving a managed isolation facility and purchasing alcohol.

The second charge is of intentionally damaging a 52-inch television belonging to the Distinction Hotel.

Minister of Health Chris Hipkins confirmed McVicar had climbed down a fire escape and cut through the fence ties to escape the facility.

On July 10, a man in their 60s broke a window and absconded from Waipuna Hotel and Conference Centre in Auckland. 

Earlier that week a 32-year-old man in managed isolation at Auckland's Stamford Plaza went on a 70-minute excursion after slipping through a gap in the fencing. He went to shop at a Countdown supermarket in Auckland's CBD before returning to the hotel. He returned a positive test result the next day.