Coronavirus: Worries not everyone is using COVID Tracer app

People wanting a coffee or to go shopping should make sure they have the COVID Tracer app at the ready.

It's now mandatory for businesses to display the Government's QR code posters. 

But there are worries not all consumers have downloaded the app.

From Dominion Rd in Auckland to Wellington's Lambton Quay - Government QR Codes are on display.

Back in June, usability problems made the contact tracing app unpopular with some businesses and customers. Now, there's more confidence.

"I believe it has been made easier," says Hospitality NZ spokesman Jeremy Smith. 

And just in time - from 12pm on Wednesday businesses had to have the codes.

But while all of the stores Newshub has seen on Lambton Quay are displaying the Government QR code, there's nothing forcing customers to scan. 

And some businesses worry shoppers aren't in the habit of using them.

"There was no pressure, no marketing, no encouraging people to do it so now we have got a bit of a knee-jerk reaction again," Smith says.

People Newshub spoke to hadn't all hit download with a variety of excuses, including they had trouble making it work, or are too lazy.

The Ministry of Health says well over 1 million Kiwis have the app and more than 106,000 businesses have QR codes. This means once-popular alternative apps, like Rippl, are telling stores to take their codes down.

"It has caused a drop off in the revenue model that we had so we are now doing this completely for the public good," developer Antony Dixon says.

Instead, Dixon's working to fully integrate Rippl with the Government app so it doesn't just disappear.

"Alternatives exist because some people simply won't use an app that came from the Government," he says.

But for businesses that don't display the Government QR code poster - they could face an instant $300 fine.