COVID-19: New Zealand social media users respond to Trump calling our outbreak a 'big surge'

Social media users are appalled by Donald Trump's comments about New Zealand's new outbreak of COVID-19.

Speaking to the media on Tuesday, the US President compared his COVID-19 response to New Zealand's outbreak.

"They're having a big surge... and I don't want that, I don't want that," he said.

"Even New Zealand, you see what is going on in New Zealand. They beat it, they beat it. It was like front page, they beat it because they wanted to show me something. The problem is [a] big surge in New Zealand. It's terrible. We don't want that."

But his mention of New Zealand's outbreak triggered our public, which lashed out on social media.

"What an absolute tosspot!  NZ didn't beat COVID to show you, they made every effort to eradicate it to save our lives. It's not hysterical that it's back! Save your own country you twat!" 

"A load of rubbish, Donald Trump! Not about YOU! Yes, a new, smallish cluster found in Auckland, NZ. This city IMMEDIATELY goes back into stage 3 lockdown. Retracing has been done. Again, superb management! Just saying..." 

"Dear Mr Trump, on behalf of NZ, please keep your ill-informed mouth shut about us. We did nothing to prove anything to you, why bother, you are showing the world your incompetence. I think we are doing ok. Thanks."

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has also hit back at Trump's claim, advising there is "no comparison" between New Zealand's cases and the US. 

On Monday, Auckland recorded nine new cases of the virus, while the US recorded 41,893. 

So far, 22 people have died from COVID-19 in New Zealand, compared to more than 169,000 in the US - the highest death toll in the world.