Drug support group takes mobile meth rehab bus around the country

A support group wanting to change the stigma of meth addiction, is taking their mobile rehab bus on the road.

Anti-P Ministry has crowdfunded a bus to help people in remote parts of New Zealand recover from their meth addiction.

The team of 13 years consists of former addicts who have devoted their lives to helping others out of the grips of addiction.

Around the country, there are more than 16,000 children who are affected by drugs in the family.

Anti-P Ministry founder Brendon Warne told The Project on Monday they converted the bus into a mobile-walk in clinic for people in seclusion.

"Small towns are crying out for help and they're asking us to open walk in centres here so we're trying our best to do that."

Recovered addict AJ Johnson said there is often little help in small towns.

"Because there's no help out there, the problem doesn't get addressed," she said. "There's so much stigma based around it that people are scared to ask for help, and then when there's no help available then what do you do?"

Group member Billy T Wake said if it wasn't for the Ministry, he would be hitting rock bottom.

"With this bus we can travel all around the country to reach those who can't be reached to help break the change of addiction - to help those through the struggles."

"We'll make this bus so loud and so proud," he said, "that I believe that even NASA will see us coming."  

Watch the full video above.