Duncan Garner: The COVID-19 ads are back on TV - is there something the Government isn't telling us?

OPINION: How would you cope if we became like Melbourne? 

It doesn't take much imagination given what we have all seen and heard out of what I think is Australia's best city, Melbourne.

And I note the official COVID-19 ads are back on the telly here - is there something the Government and its officials aren't telling us?

We can't say there's going to be a big second wave here but we are apparently in a warning zone, where our officials are concerned we've become just a bit complacent.

One slip up could do it. One complete bozo leaving quarantine for a nightcap or some nookie could be the idiot who sends the entire country to the wall.

We are that vulnerable right now and that's why compliance matters; sticking to the rules, remembering the rules.

Could you do another six weeks in a strictly enforced and policed lockdown? 

I suspect there would be push back big time and a general tardiness about accepting all the Government's demands yet again. 

You personally might survive, but your business may not. 

It would be a disaster for the New Zealand economy and take decades to recover from.

But I'm yet to see anyone at any level offer us a plan to get us out of this mess. Yes, we got out of lockdown, but the Aussie shared travel bubble has well and truly burst and now we, inch by inch, meander towards the Cook Islands. 

John Key, Helen Clark, and Rob Fyfe will talk about big ideas at a conference in Auckland on Wednesday - don't be shy people, all ideas are welcome.

Duncan Garner: The COVID-19 ads are back on TV - is there something the Government isn't telling us?
Photo credit: The AM Show/NZ Government

In Auckland, it's already expected 50,000 people all up will lose their jobs due to COVID-19 mark one.

But mark two and the fallout from a relapse is something I don't want to speculate on. 

We need to improve on testing - if we don't test many, then not many will show signs of COVID-19.

Let's finish the job and let's do it well. Let's learn from Melbourne and let's be as humble as we are vigilant in these worry weeks and months ahead. 

Duncan Garner is host of The AM Show