Duncan Garner: Today is D-Day - the day we will know how serious this COVID outbreak really is

OPINION: Today is D-Day - the day we will know how serious this outbreak really is, with the return of thousands of tests. 

Today we'll get a real idea of how long this lockdown will go on for. 

If dozens of people return positive tests, I can't see how this ultra-conservative Government approach would see the lockdown lifted on Friday night.

And while some of you are asking, "Is this really necessary?", National is asking, "How long has the Government suspected there was a problem?"

Now as much as politics should be divorced from this fight - when you're in Opposition, you have one job - to question, to probe and keep the Government accountable. It's crucial. 

Without it, we have a one-party state where 'dear leader' can't be wrong.

And what if the Government or public service has monumentally stuffed this up at the border - you should know - it might change your thinking.

Over the past 10 days, the message from Wellington fundamentally changed - COVID in the community was coming, said the good Director-General of Health.

"It's not a matter of if, but when," said Dr Bloomfield.

Now that was eight days ago, last Wednesday - well before any positive test in these Auckland cases had been returned. 

But what we do know is one of these family members had shown symptoms for five days, and one had been off work for nine days. Nine days.

In public health circles, was that known?

Did Auckland doctors tell Wellington power brokers? Were the signs clear?

And is that why the message that we were 'winning the war' suddenly changed to 'prepare for masks'?

And is that why the Prime Minister even visited a mask factory the day before she was officially told of the confirmed positive case?

I'm not saying the Government has done anything wrong: in fact, changing their message would have been the responsible thing to do.

But should we have been told more if they knew more?

National smells a rat - but Ardern says, "What utter nonsense". 

I have just one question - why didn't we test every worker at the border on a regular basis, given they returned home every night. 

How hard is it to shove a swab up the nose of every quantarine worker and bus driver once a week when we are spending billions to keep this out?

Duncan Garner is the host of The AM Show.