Firearms owners protest in Ashburton over new gun laws

Hundreds of protesting gun-owners brought traffic to a near-standstill in Ashburton on Saturday morning.

The licensed firearm holders want changes to the new gun laws and say they won't stop protesting until they're heard.

Marching down the main street of Ashburton: a tank leading a procession of gun owners with empty rifle cases slung over their shoulders.

Last year the Government banned military-style and semi-automatic weapons like those used by the gunman in the Christchurch Mosque attacks.

The gun buy-back scheme saw 60,000 guns handed in and $103 million paid out. But a year on, these licensed firearm holders say they're still aggrieved.

"The big things that are in the law changes that we think are not going to impact on public safety are the likes of the changes to shooting ranges and the firearms' register," says protest organiser Stewart Hydes.

Also at Saturday's rally was licensed firearm advocate turned ACT Party candidate Nicole McKee.

"They are saying now that it's a law they are still not happy, that they are a minority that have been mistreated," she said.

"They want change, they want fair firearms' law, they want a fair hearing."

The group here in Ashburton promising more protests like this until they do.