Hamilton to have new ferry service within month

If successful, more stops could be added.
If successful, more stops could be added. Photo credit: Getty.

Hamilton residents will soon have a new way to get to work - up the Waikato River.

A six month trial of a ferry service from Pukete to central Hamilton - which is backed by the Hamilton City and Waikato Regional Councils - will begin later this month.

The owner of Waikato River Explorer, Darren Mills, said the service was always a long term plan but COVID-19 lockdown brought it forward.

The service will leave Pukete at 7:30am taking 55 minutes and will return leaving from the CBD at 5:20pm taking 30 minutes, he said.

"A nice alternative to sitting in traffic and even if you do catch the bus, it's actually the same duration, it's about 50-55 minutes to catch the bus from Pukete into the city without the 27 stops."

If the trial is successful, the service will be extended with more stops.