Kelly Tarlton's iconic 'Shark Bus' snapped up for jaw-dropping $31,500

The iconic sharkbus.
The iconic sharkbus. Photo credit: Trade Me/turnerstrucks

The iconic 'Shark Bus' which used to ferry punters to Kelly Tarltons has been sold for a jaw-dropping $31,500.

The unusual customised Toyota Coaster sparked a bidding war on Trade Me with 82 bids before it closed on Friday night.

Daniel Henderson, the general manager for Kelly Tarltons, told TVNZ the sale marks "the end of an era". The bus had been in use for more than 11 years before its sale.

"The time is right to retire the shark bus, which was becoming a bit 'flakey', starting to be known more for being on the back of a tow truck than carrying passengers," he said. 

The bus was originally slated to sell for around $15,000 but its new owner will have to cough up an extra $9000 to get the eccentric bus back to fighting fit.