Lower decile students still without learning devices as online classes resume

Students across Auckland officially began learning from home on Monday, as online classes got underway as part of level 3 restrictions.

While many adapted smoothly to the change there have still been issues getting devices to some children, especially in low decile areas.

Kaipara College students turned up to school this morning - but only briefly to get their home learning essentials.

Art projects, text books and graphic design work, all needed to keep their NCEA studies on track outside the classroom.

Some students were excited about the prospect of learning from home again.

"I quite like it because I enjoy online work and stuff," one told Newshub.

But for those in the depths of NCEA assessments, not being in the classroom is a little daunting.

"Some subjects I don't have any credits in yet because they all come in at the end of the year, so it's a little bit stressful!" student Fraser Boyd says.

Kaipara College principal Steve McCracken says they'll get through this round of restrictions but a further extension to home learning would be very disruptive.

"To go back into level 4 or have this remain would be detrimental to all our students," he says.

He says the transition to home learning's been much smoother this time around, but for others, there have been a few bumps.

Some lower decile schools still haven't been able to access enough devices for each student. In fact Newshub's been made aware of one family with 10 children, who are sharing one device between them.

Education Minister Chris Hipkins is blaming the shortage on a supply issue.

"We've been working to plug that demand, we should get those out within a very short space of time," he says.

But Wesley Intermediate teacher Jeremy Ferguson says it's an inequality issue.

"We know the ministry is trying their best to solve that issue but when it comes down to it there is a real responsibility on the schools to step in and make sure our kids are getting access to the learning," he says.

He's itching to get back into the classroom as soon as possible so he can make sure his students are getting the best education possible.