Managed isolation: The very important questions answered by a Reddit user

A Reddit user in managed isolations has answered questions regarding the experience.
A Reddit user in managed isolations has answered questions regarding the experience. Photo credit: Getty Images

Can you order a PS4? What's for dinner? Your burning questions regarding managed isolation have finally been answered. 

A Kiwi claiming to be in managed isolation took to web forum Reddit on Friday, inviting others to ask questions about the experience.

"I'm in managed isolation… anyone want to know anything about it?," said Vlad_the__impala. 

The obvious questions rolled in: "Can you buy a PS4 and have it delivered?"

"Yes, you can order pretty much anything," Vlad replied. "It gets checked by security and then they bring it to your room. Lots of people have had groceries sent in."

Overall the answers are positive, 'Vlad_the__impala' appearing to have a more than favourable opinion.

For one, the food's apparently good - think spaghetti bolognese, curries, and eggs for breakfast.

You can order barista coffee for $5 (a "definite highlight"). You're also allowed to order three bottles of beer or one bottle of wine per day.

Asked if "special brownies" would make it through security, Vlad replied: "I think drugs and alcohol is mainly what they're checking for, but if they were normal looking brownies I doubt they'd notice."

Unfortunately there are some negatives. The toilet paper was not folded into a cute bow on arrival, the user plans to take this issue up with the Prime Minister. 

When it comes to social distancing and safety, Vlad says all staff are in PPE and try to leave you alone, but are "friendly" and happy to answer questions.

Cleaning is also DIY for safety:  "Everyone gets a toilet brush, some cleaning products and stuff to do the dishes and we do it ourselves. None of the staff are allowed into the rooms at all."

Asked hypothetically which escape method they would use, Vlad replied: "Two weeks of Netflix, Sky Sports and free food. I'm more likely to break back in."

It's not clear which hotel the anonymous user was staying in. Their claims are unverified.