Reddit user posts The Dominion frontpage from 1983

The newspaper from almost 40 years ago was posted to Reddit
The newspaper from almost 40 years ago was posted to Reddit Photo credit: Reddit / Switchkicck

A Reddit user has posted a photo of a completely intact, readable front page of The Dominion newspaper from September 7, 1983. 

The newspaper was found during the removal of a urinal. 

The front page posted to web forum Reddit has several stories ranging from politics to television and even an ad for a personal loan company. 

The top story is about missing Korean Airlines flight 007 titled 'Russians offer spy plane proof'.

Another top story titled 'Fair Go canned at last minute' reveals an episode was dropped right before airing on the advice of TVNZ's lawyers. The show was supposed to be reporting on "one of the most serious complaints it has ever received".

A slightly misleadingly-titled story '10,000 seek deportation' reports on a petition to have convicted rapist Lasu Quensell deported which had been signed by 10,000 people.

Reddit users shared their thoughts on the paper, one commenting: "1983 had way better news."

Others were more curious about the retrieval: "How's the smell?" asked one user.

"Lmao," replied the newspaper owner. "It was under the framing, dry as a bone in there."