White supremacist Philip Arps arrested near Linwood mosque

White supremacist Philip Arps has been arrested near Christchurch's Linwood mosque after being released from prison earlier this year.

Arps was sentenced to 21 months' in prison in June 2019 for sending video footage of the Christchurch mosque shootings to 30 associates, asking for it to be modified with crosshairs and a kill count.

He was released from prison in January, with Judge Stephen O'Driscoll imposing several conditions.

A Corrections spokesperson told Newshub the 45-year-old was arrested on Tuesday morning for allegedly breaching a condition of his sentence.

He later appeared in court charged with breaching his release conditions and was granted bail, the spokesperson said.

"The safety of the public is our top priority and we will continue to monitor the offender's compliance with the conditions of his sentence and respond to any breaches."

Philip Arps.
Philip Arps. Photo credit: File

A police spokesperson confirmed a 45-year-old man was arrested on Linwood Ave about 10am on Tuesday.

"Given the ongoing sentencing hearing, police gave careful consideration to the man's movements within the Justice and Emergency Services Precinct. 

"He did not come into contact with anyone involved in that hearing."