Anti-lockdown protestors take over Auckland's Aotea Square in 'Rally for Freedom'

Anti-lockdown activists have once again taken over Auckland's Aotea Square in a protest against New Zealand's COVID-19 restrictions.

The National Rally for Freedom, organised by political party Advance NZ and the Liberty March movement on Saturday, saw a major turnout by protestors enraged at what they see as infringements on their rights.

"We are asking thousands of New Zealanders to turn out to call for a halt to Labour and National's failed lockdowns strategy," Advance NZ co-leader and rally organiser Billy Te Kahika said in a statement.

"New strategies show we can and must learn to live with the virus as a nation, just like we do with every other seasonal illness that comes our way.

"We ask fellow New Zealanders whether they are prepared to endure years of this strategy, or do they want to rally together to say we have had enough.

"Freedom, liberty, and human rights are not luxuries that we give away to Government whenever we are told to."

A photo from the rally shows over a thousand people gathered at Aotea Square, many holding large banners and signs.

"NZ has been subjected to socialist brainwashing," one sign read.

New Zealand's strategy of elimination - clamping down wherever the virus rears its head in an effort to prevent wider outbreaks - has been hailed by global health officials, and seen us record some of the lowest per capita infection and mortality rates in the world. 

But the lockdown wasn't the only thing protestors took issue with, with some holding signs against vaccines and 5G.

"There will never be a safe vaccine," one person's sign read.

Another warned that 5G caused "DNA damage, cancers, fatigue, headaches, insomnia, depression, infertility".

These conspiracy theories have been debunked countless times.