Auckland Harbour Bridge: Heavy congestion as commuters rush to get home

Aucklanders are holding out for a long commute back home, with heavy congestion with the Harbour Bridge at 50 percent capacity.

The bridge only has two lanes open in each direction, after it was forced to close following the damage from two trucks on Friday.

Commuters coming out of these areas should expect heavy congestion:

  • Customs Street East

  • Dominion Road

  • New North Road

  • Fanshawe Street

There are also delays on both State Highway 1 and State Highway 16.Traffic is heavy over the bridge until at least Takapuna. 

"Today's congestion has been as we expected and shows the importance of people changing their usual travel patterns," says NZTA Senior Journey Manager Neil Walker.

"We urge people to consider working from home if possible. For those who must travel we encourage you to leave your cars at home and use public transport."

Motorists who would usually use the Curran Street onramp are advised to follow the sign-posted detour route to the Fanshawe Street northbound on-ramp.

NZTA has set up a bus priority system implemented (northbound) prior to the Harbour Bridge.

"This bus priority system will merge with other traffic near Curran St on-ramp, which is now closed."

Today's traffic comes after Auckland Harbour Bridge was forced to close after two heavy trucks collapsed on the bridge on Friday, damaging a central steel strut.

NZTA said on Saturday permanent repairs to the bridge could be more than five weeks away.