Aucklanders brace for gridlock horror on Monday with Harbour Bridge still at half-capacity

Aucklanders are bracing for gridlock horror on the roads on Monday morning with the Harbour Bridge still only operating at half-capacity after it was damaged by a falling truck.

Ferries and buses are preparing for increased demand while engineers race to fix the broken bridge beam that's causing all this traffic chaos.

One buckled steel beam is expected to cause what many are calling 'Carmageddon' tomorrow.

Four lanes are completely closed off, making that task of moving 170,000 Auckland commuters each day that much more difficult.

Structural engineers are rapidly working on the solution but the repair will likely take more than a month.

In the meantime, Aucklanders have been forced to plan for what they had a taste of on Friday night - rush-hour gridlock horror.

"[I'll be] catching the ferry and biking to work pretty much," one person told Newshub.

"Really lucky to be able to work from home," another said.

Auckland Transport has allocated bigger ferries and more staff but isn't putting on any extra buses because it says there are plenty of free seats.

"Nine-and-a-half to 10,000 spare seats on buses and another 5000 on ferries more than accommodates the reduced capacity on the bridge," says Auckland Transport CEO Shane Ellison.

Trucks have been urged to take the Western Ring Route but that could still cause significant delays for freight.

"Time costs money in transport and the estimation is that this will perhaps add an hour both ways to trucking trips," Road Transport Forum CEO Nick Leggett says.

Engineers are determined to fix the only harbour crossing we have while Aucklanders prepare to hurry up and wait in the traffic tomorrow.