Coronavirus: Mongrel Mob members ignore COVID-19 gathering limits in tangihanga for fallen mobster

Gangsters in Auckland have flouted the Government's COVID-19 gathering rules by holding a huge tangihanga for a fallen Mongrel Mob member.

Video footage from the funeral posted to Facebook on Monday shows a hearse being escorted by dozens of people down a street in the south Auckland suburb of Papakura.

The car can be seen making its way through what appears to be a swarm of well over 100 people, many of whom are emblazoned in Mongrel Mob and Black Power patches and can be heard yelling gang slogans.

A haka is then performed for the deceased, before dozens pack round the back of the car to say their goodbyes and comfort one another.

Under Auckland's alert level 2.5 guidelines, gatherings of more than 10 people are prohibited - unless the event is a funeral or tangihanga. In this case, no more than 50 people can attend, the event must be registered and infection control measures must be in place.

Well over 100 people can be seen in the footage, in clear violation of the Government's COVID-19 rules.
Well over 100 people can be seen in the footage, in clear violation of the Government's COVID-19 rules. Photo credit: Facebook / Mistr Loccvei Kslate

A nearby resident complained to Newshub that gang members had blocked the roads and taken control of parts of Sutton Crescent, where the tangi was held, "with little or no restrictions from the police"

Inspector Dave Glossop, Area Commander for Counties Manukau South, told Newshub police had received a "small number of calls" about the funeral in the last 24 hours, but hadn't needed to make any arrests.

He says they understand the increased presence of gang members will be "alarming" to the community, and are in regular contact with those at the property to remind them of Auckland's coronavirus mass gathering guidelines.

Insp Glossop urges anyone who is made to feel unsafe by the attendees to immediately call 111.

"We are actively monitoring the situation and continuing to use our educational approach with those at the address," he said.