Coronavirus: South Auckland school parents 'very angry' student's positive case wasn't notified earlier

Parents at an Auckland school are outraged they weren't notified earlier of a student testing positive for COVID-19.

The girl attends Chapel Downs Primary School in Manukau and went to school for half an hour on Monday while she was awaiting her test result.

Her test came back positive later that day, but neither the school nor the parents of other pupils were notified for another two days.

She'd been isolated for the two weeks prior as she was a household contact of a confirmed case.

The Auckland Regional Public Health Service (ARPHS) alerted the school on Wednesday about the positive case and announced the school would close for cleaning until at least next week. It also asked earlier on Thursday for everyone at the school to be tested, even though it believes there are very few close contacts.

However, parents from the school are concerned it took two days for them to find out about the case.

"I'm actually still very angry. I'm so p**sed. I'm very worried. One, I'm pregnant and two, my son, he's very bad with asthma," Ramona Ah Fook said.

Another parent said the school should've closed "immediately" after the positive result came through.

"The school could have been shut down earlier for the safety of the families and kids," they said.

Chapel Downs Primary School principal Vaughan van Rensburg told Newshub he only found out about the case at 2pm on Wednesday.

"We're just working through it with the community and supporting the community and obviously supporting the whanau that are involved in the case," he said.

ARPHS said it only found out on Wednesday morning that the girl went to school, and said that "this information was shared as soon as events were confirmed".

Families from the school who were queuing up for a COVID-19 test told Newshub they are worried and concerned.

"We rather want to be safe. We just want more information from the school," one said.

"Just worried about seeing if we may have it. They haven't said anything about which child has had it, so yeah, [I want] to be safe and get tested," another said.

There were no new community cases announced on Wednesday, marking the third day in a row where no new infections were linked to Auckland's resurgence. There were, however, seven new cases announced which are all imported.