Govt will put forward $60m for cameras on commercial fishing boats

The Government has agreed to pay tens of millions of dollars to put cameras on 345 more commercial fishing boats.

The industry has argued in the past that the cost of buying the kit and installing it is too great - but the Government now says it will put up to $60 million towards the cost.

The cameras on boats saga has dragged on for many years.

In 2016, Newshub published Operation Achilles, a leaked fisheries report that documented widespread illegal dumping of fish on five vessels in the South Island.

Fisheries Minister Stuart Nash says wider use of cameras will "enhance New Zealand's reputation as a producer of premium, sustainable, and trusted seafood".

The country's largest seafood company, Sanford, has welcomed the move with it's chief executive officer Volker Kuntzsch saying they're a "big supporter" of cameras but there has been a "piecemeal approach to the technology" up until now.