Great Kererū Count calls on New Zealanders to track native birds

Facilitators of the Great Kererū Count are calling for New Zealanders to help them track the native bird over the next 10 days.

The Great Kererū Count began on Friday for its seventh year where Kiwis are able to log sighting of kererū for conservation purposes.

"What we are trying to understand is the overall trend, where the kererū aren't where they are ideally, what they are feeding on, and everything we need to do to help them thrive," facilitator Amber Bill told The AM Show on Friday.

In 2019 the project saw around 14,000 kererū counted across New Zealand and Bill said so far they are "trending positively" for the 2020 count.

Her colleague Tony Stoddard said one positive to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic is Kiwis have been taking notice of nature.

"I've had a lot of anecdotal evidence of people sending in photos and stories of them seeing kererū for their very first time in their backyard which is just amazing."

He's encouraging New Zealanders to plant native trees such as kōwhai and tree lucerne to attract kererū.

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