Have your say: Should we get rid of the Queen's Birthday holiday?

Labour's announcement it will add a new Matariki public holiday if reelected has reignited calls to axe the Queen's Birthday holiday.

Speaking on The AM Show on Tuesday, Mark Richardson argued if the Government is serious about marking Matariki, it should take another holiday away in exchange - like Queen's Birthday.

Amanda Gillies agreed with him - noting that the date "isn't even the Queen's birthday".

The proposal also had support on Twitter, with former MP Tau Henare saying he'd get rid of Queen's Birthday - "but only when she's gone".

"It adds nothing or it will when she passes on that we can replace it," he wrote.

Meanwhile, in ACT's opinion, the best holiday to replace would be Labour Day.

"If Labour wants Matariki to be a public holiday, it should abolish Labour Day so businesses aren't taking on more costs," leader David Seymour argued on Monday.

Do you think we should get rid of the Queen's Birthday holiday? Have your say below.

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