Kanoa Lloyd accidently reveals Mark Richardson has tried cannabis

Kanoa Lloyd accidentally revealed that Mark Richardson has tried cannabis on The Project on Wednesday. 

During a discussion about the upcoming cannabis referendum, The AM Show sports reader said he will be ticking no, which received an abrupt response from The Project host. 

"Why? This is what buzzes me out though because you've used cannabis, why would you vote against it?" Lloyd asked. 

"Uh, are we live?" replied Richardson.

"Well no.. but… I'm assuming.. Because 85 percent of New Zealanders have used cannabis," Lloyd responded.

"Look… I might've said something that I wasn't supposed to say," she said. 

"The point is," Mark responded. "It's just a gut feeling, and having listened to all the rational, I just in my own self feel like it is not going to improve our society."

"But I'll give you this.. Even though I will tick no - I know this is a 50/50 thing, I will respect how the referendum comes out," he added. 

"I'm glad," Lloyd said.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, The Project heard from both oppositions and advocates of the Cannabis legislation in the upcoming election.

Richardson has been outspoken about his aversion to legalising cannabis. In 2018, he said it shouldn't be legalised because it "doesn't do us any good". 

"We don't actually need it and sometimes if we don't need something we should say 'sorry you're not getting it' and then make sure they crunch down on those that are providing it illegally," he said at the time. 

"I just see it as another thing that's not good for our New Zealanders or our youth, we don't need it."