Two trucks crash on Auckland Harbour Bridge as strong winds lash city

Strong winds have caused two trucks to crash on the Auckland Harbour Bridge, blocking multiple lanes and injuring at least one person. 

Just after 11am on Friday, a "medium-sized" truck travelling northbound was "hit by an unexpectedly strong gust of wind and toppled over on to the moveable lane barrier," according to NZTA Auckland operations manager Claire Howard.

Howard said it appeared the crash was caused by a "freak gust". The wind was gusting at more than 60kph and then picked up to 127kph for several minutes. The driver was not injured.

One of the crashed trucks.
One of the crashed trucks. Photo credit: Newshub.

At the same time as the northbound medium-sized truck crashed, NZTA says a southbound truck carrying a shipping container "was blown sideways and hit the bridge superstructure".

"The truck righted itself and carried on.

"There is damage to the bridge overarch, with a steel upright sheared off."

Video shows it tilting on its side near the side of the bridge.

The four lanes in the bridge centre will remain closed until "the damaged upright is assessed and repaired".

"Please delay your journey or avoid this route as vehicle recovery is likely to take some time this morning," the NZTA said.

All northbound lanes were closed for a short period of time to allow a "safe recovery of the truck". Two lanes heading north and two heading south are now open and traffic is moving slowly.

After news of the first truck crash emerged, St John said they were called to the scene at 11:10am and deployed five units, including an ambulance and a rapid response unit.  They said one person was injured in a moderate condition.

Police said at the time that they were aware of the crash.

"There are no reports of serious injuries at this stage, however, a number of lanes in the centre of the bridge are currently blocked," a spokesperson said.

"This is impacting traffic heading north and south. Police are on scene along with other emergency services who will work to clear the scene."

Auckland Transport said there was "heavy congestion".

"Please expect delays and possible cancellations to inbound and outbound bus services."

Motorists are being asked to consider using the Western Ring Route around the harbour. It may be some time until all lanes on the bridge are reopened.

One witness told Newshub that the conditions were extremely wet and windy. But Metservice says the worst of the winds have now passed.