Woman dubbed Milford Karen starts filming and yelling at couple who parked up around her neighbourhood

The Media Council has upheld a complaint against this article, ruling that it is unbalanced and unfair to the woman concerned. The full Media Council decision is at www.mediacouncil.org.nz

A man who parked up his car on a side street on Auckland's North Shore was filmed and shouted at by a woman yelling, "you don't belong here."

Hugh Brothers and his wife were going to Milford beach for a walk before dinner on Saturday evening when he noticed a woman filming them.

A police checkpoint by the corner of Kitchener and Hurstmere Road meant that the couple had to park along a side road.

In a video posted on Reddit captioned: 'Wild Karen encounter after a breath test on a Milford side street,' a woman was seen filming his car as they were finding a park along a side street.

"She kind of stepped up as if she wanted to film our license plate," he said.

"She asked if I was a cop, and said she is sick of the cops being in her neighbourhood."

"What's your problem?" Brothers said in the video. 

"I don't know what you're doing in this neighbourhood, you don't belong here," she said, pointing her fingers at them.

"Actually we live in Milford too," his wife said. 

"Well I'm just not ok with the police being down here," the woman said.

"The police can go wherever they want lady, the police are here to protect us, they can go wherever they want," Brothers said.

"You're the crazy one in the middle of the road videoing innocent people."

"Just… go and drive," the woman said, marching back home.

"She pulled double-handed fingers at us as she headed back up her driveway and her husband was saying 'stop it, stop it, get inside.'"

Brothers told Newshub he was shocked this had happened.

"I thought it was pretty crazy. I always thought Kiwis were compassionate people and a bit more level headed but things like this still happen."