Duncan Garner: We must do something about our technology use

OPINION: How forgetful are you? Are you more forgetful now than you have ever been? 

Do you struggle to remember certain things or information? Do you have trouble with recall?

And have you considered that it's due to how often you look at a screen, whether it be TV, your personal computer, your work computer, your phone, your iPad, whatever devices you have, and even worse if you're looking at them all at the same time.

Have you stopped and logged just how often you watch the TV, then send an email, back to the TV, and then back on the computer on Facebook this time?

How many hours a day are you on these devices and what is it doing to your brain?

The last time we properly researched this was 2014 and back then it was 11 hours a day - it was huge then. I can't imagine it's gone down.

We know these things aren't good for our health - it may be affecting our brain.

New research suggests using multiple forms of digital media simultaneously may cause memory loss and lead to simply forgetting stuff.

And given the way we live our lives right now, we are all in for a rough ride on the memory loss front don't you think?

I just look at my online behaviour, or that of my kids and their friends, and if they're not gripping their phone then they're watching the telly or playing on the computer or all of them at once.

We really should do something about it, but I doubt we will. Sadly this is how we live our lives.

People and jobs and companies and bosses and workmates and friends not only expect to get hold of you at the drop of a hat but they now demand it because, well, they're used to it now.

They know no other way. That's the world we live in. 

But I urge you to try one thing: turn off all the devices every now and then, and step into the other real world - don't forget now.

Try going outside and doing something without your device.

It might hurt initially, but you'll soon forget. Just remember this advice.

Duncan Garner hosts The AM Show.