Experts warn New Zealand not to get complacent about COVID-19 over Labour weekend

People are being urged to trace their movements.
People are being urged to trace their movements. Photo credit: Newshub.

Business owners are doubling down on calls for the country to up its QR code scanning while health specialists reassure Aucklanders the city's new COVID-19 cases aren't cause for alarm.

Contact tracing is underway for potential cases of COVID-19 linked to a port worker's visit to an Auckland pub - and Retail New Zealand chief executive Greg Harford says Kiwis can make it easier for experts by using their COVID-19 tracer app.

"Scanning into a store isn't compulsory at the moment, but it is a good idea," he told Newshub.

"We really encourage customers out and about over the long weekend to scan in and keep track of where they've been."

He says retailers have noticed a definite drop in the amount of people using the app. 

The push to get people to keep track of their movements comes as health specialists urge anyone concerned about their symptoms to get tested for the virus.

COVID-19 modelling expert Shaun Hendy says anyone who is worried should get tested.

"It's encouraging that we caught and identified those cases but there is still risk," he told Newshub.

"Anyone who has a hint of symptoms in the Auckland region make sure you don't put that off over the long weekend and go and get a test."