Firefighters warning to Kiwis after Auckland house fire

Firefighters are reminding New Zealanders to never enter a burning building, check smoke alarms are working, and come up with an escape plan after a fatal house fire hit East Auckland.

One person died and two people injured following a house fire in Cockle Bay on Tuesday night.

A scene examination is ongoing, but so far, investigators have not been able to identify alarms in the house.

A dozen police and fire vehicles were at the scene of the fire on Minerva Terrace in Cockle Bay.

Geoff Purcell, Fire and Emergency NZ Area Commander said the man who died was found near a doorway.

A neighbour on Minerva Terrace said they watched in horror as a man tried to get back inside the burning house.

"It looked like he was trying to get into the house to get the person out," Michael Rowse said.

"We heard all this popping going on and thought oh someones letting off some early fireworks."

Purcell on Wednesday warned people should never go back inside a burning property.

"If you have evacuated a house, don't go back in," he said.

Fire and emergency are urging New Zealanders to ensure their alarms are working, have an escape plan and not re-enter a building that is on fire.