Lamborghini, Mercedes among $5m in assets seized in Auckland from alleged money laundering activity

A Lamborghini, a Mercedes, motorcycles and properties were among $5 million worth of assets seized by police on Wednesday following an investigation into an alleged money laundering group in Auckland.

The Financial Crime Group carried out search warrants at six addresses across Auckland.

Six people - four men and two women - aged from 29 to 65 years old were arrested and received money laundering, drug and fraud charges, Detective Superintendent Iain Chapman said.

The seized assets and arrests were labelled by Det Supt Chapman as a "significant blow" to organised crime efforts.

"After a year-long investigation, the money laundering investigation team of police has today arrested six people across Auckland and charged them with, specifically, money laundering offences, drug and fraud offences," he said.

"[The assets seized include] a Lamborghini Huracan worth $450,000, a Mercedes G-wagon worth around $280,000, a Ray Glass boat, various vehicles and high-end motorcycles. We've also seized three properties across Auckland."

The seized properties are in Half Moon Bay, Te Atatu and New Lynn, and are worth at least $3.3 million total, police said. Approximately $250,000 cash was also found and restrained during the search warrants.

Chapman said the people involved in the money laundering group were "professional facilitators" of organised crime.

"This organised crime group we've taken down today, we're dealing a significant blow to not only them as individuals but also the professional facilitation or services that they offer organised crime groups around New Zealand."

He said the police want New Zealand to be the hardest place for criminals to conduct business.

"The action today is going to send a really clear message to those organised crime groups that not only are we going after them and the commodity that they trade in, but we're also using all the legislative tools at our disposal."

Police enquiries are ongoing and further people being charged hasn't been ruled out.

A 40-year-old man is due to appear in the Auckland District Court on Thursday, and the remaining people will appear on October 20.